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So I only got asked back to 2 sororities, should I just drop since many of the other sororities didnt call me back? I'm kinda of disappointed I didn't get called back to my top. Is it worth it to only go into recruitment with only one sorority for preference night?

The two sororities called you back because they see something special in you! We strongly suggest still continuing with the recruitment process, because the system has a way of helping you find your home. It is definitely worth participating in preference night! <3 Best of luck!

I am so soo soo nervous for today and this weekend! Is there a big chance that i could not get a bid? :(

The chances of you not receiving a bid are very low! Don’t worry about it, and focus on finding your home! <3 

Where do we find out where to go for the first day of recruitment?

The FSIC :)

Hi! I went to info night on Tuesday and the presenters said they would put up the pictures of the outfits they suggest we wear(i think they said facebook, but i already looked). Where can i find these? Thanks!

You’ll need to join the UCR Panhellenic Recruitment 2014 group here, and we have our own post here if you need help! <3

For day one I got a business interview vibe so I have dress pants and a shirt. Is that too business-ish to wear?

You could definitely wear that! We have a post full of outfit inspiration here, if you need more assistance!

This is it! Tomorrow&#8217;s the big day :) Recruitment here we come!
Phi Kappa Psi &#8220;Pumpkin Smash&#8221;