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I know there is a strict no hazing policy but have you heard of any other sororities hazing. No need to state names but just a yes or no. thanks

No, none of the Panhellenic sororities condone nor participate in hazing!

How does the $200-$300 vary? In other words, what determines someone paying $200 rather than $300?

The $200-$300 dues vary depending on what we have planned for the quarter, not person from person! Some events cost more than others to put on, so it is just a reflection of how we have budgeted for the year. Typically, dues tend to get cheaper as the year goes on. :)

are there events every single weekends? and how many mandatory weekend events are there per month? and is this number generally the same for the other sororities?

There is typically at least 1-2 mandatory events per quarter, but you always know about them far in advance! We also hold chapter meeting on Monday nights, which members are required to attend. As far as non-mandatory events, there is always something fun happening in UCR’s Greek community and within Delta Gamma! Whether it be a sisterhood night, a social, or a Formal you will have a calendar loaded with fun options (: But these are of course optional.

You should definitely contact the other 5 Panhellenic sororities! We can only tell you about our own because that’s what we know!

I put my senior year gpa down on my registration and was not aware it was supposed to be overall high school gpa. Is there a way to correct this and will I be penalized in anyway?

Just come by the FSIC during the first week of school! :)

hey is the freshman gpa overall high school, 10th-12th, or senior year?

It’s overall :)

are all the sorority rush events for every sorority at the same time?? what if a lot of the rush events clash with classes

Yes, all of the sororities will be participating in Formal Recruitment weekend October 10-13th. If the rush events do conflict with your schedule in any way, be sure to talk to a member of the Panhellenic council after either info night so that we can accommodate for you! <3 

Do all sororitues at UCR have similar quarterly fees ($200-300)?? I want to keep my options open for which to join but I want to make sure all my options are within my budget.

Unfortunately, we can only tell you about Delta Gamma’s fees, because that’s what we know! You should definitely ask the Vice President of Recruitment from our other amazing UCR sororities to get more information on their financial commitment. :) 

We’re sorry about the inconvenience, and we can’t wait to see you during rush!

Can I be asked to leave your organization after bid day if you dont like me?

We do have certain requirements that must be met before intiation, but it’s super super rare that women don’t initiate! :)

Thank you for your question, and we hope this helps!

How accurate is greekrank?

We strongly suggest our PNMs to stray away from visiting the Greek Rank website. Sorority ‘ranks’ or ‘stereotypes’ do not predict how well you’ll be able to get along with each one, as well as which will make you feel the most at home. In the same way that you shouldn’t join a sorority purely because your mother/sister/best friend is in that particular one, you shouldn’t disparage another because an anonymous user tore the sorority down.

Choose the sorority that you would go to with your eyes puffy, in pajamas at 3 am because a boy is giving you trouble - and you know they’ll welcome you with open arms and will be able to comfort you the best! This may be the “top” sorority and it may be the “bottom” sorority.

The worst thing you can do for yourself is to come into recruitment with preconceived notions of women you’ve never even had a conversation with! Wait until you go through recruitment to form your own opinions, instead of listening to a website that filled with polarized answers! 

Many, if not all, Greek Rank comments are inaccurate and holds a terrible representation of EVERY organization on it.

Please take this advice - stay off of Greek Rank! 

Thank you for your question, and we hope we helped! 

I've checked out the scholarship link you provided but what's the likelihood of someone actually getting these scholarships? How many current DGs have received an award and how competitive is it?

Several of our sisters have received scholarships and grands from the Delta Gamma foundation! The application process is fairly simple, and it is guaranteed that at least one woman from every DG chapter can receive a scholarship :)

What happens between bid day and initiation? When is initiation? What does it mean when we are initiated into DG?

Between Bid Day and Initiation, you will attend new member meetings to learn about DG, get a big sis, and bond with the rest of chapter! Initiation takes place around the end of the quarter. As an initiated member of Delta Gamma, you will know all of the secrets of Delta Gamma and enjoy all of the benefits of membership! :)

Are there any sorority members that are also in the honors program? Is it difficult to manage both and do the two programs conflict?

We have several Honors program students in DG :) The Honors program is not very intensive, and there are only two to three mandatory events a quarter and sometimes you have an honors class, but that doesn’t take a lot of time just like any other smaller 2 unit class. The honors program does not interfere with DG at all and vice versa. It is just another activity to keep you involved!

We hope this helped!

Why is there no greek housing at UCR? Waking up, sharing one living space, and having meetings your sisters in one huge dinning room seems so wonderful!!

There is a super old law in Riverside County that prevents a certain number of members of the same organization of the same gender to live in the same house. We would actually love to have Greek housing! To make up for the lack of housing, we create our own “greek row” on Wednesdays by bringing our wooden letters out to the lawn by the bell tower and hanging out between classes! :)

Thank you for your question!