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Also your music is fabulous. A+ for the person that put it together.

Hey, thanks! :) We can’t wait to talk music with you during recruitment! <3 ;)

So I'm pretty sure UCR doesn't have sorority housing, correct? How do we "visit" all of the sororities?

Thank you for your question! <3 

You’re right! Sororities at UC Riverside, don’t have sorority housing. So, in order to ‘visit’ all of our ‘houses,’ we have rented rooms in both the HUB and Pentland! This will all be explained during information night, and you’ll have a Rho Gamma to help you navigate every step of the way! :) 

Clea throwing her Gamma up at Gaudi Park in Barcelona &lt;3
is your gpa requirement for freshmen a 3.0 weighted or unweighted?

Weighted. :) 

hi ladies! what's your gpa requirement for freshman?

Thank you for your question! <3 Our GPA requirement for incoming freshmen is a 3.0! :) 

If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know!

How do you go about joining a sorority?

Thank you for your question! <3 

The first thing you need to do is register for Formal Recruitment on ucrpanhellenic.com. You can also view the UCR Panhellenic recruitment packet here: http://www.ucrpanhellenic.com/recruitment.html.

There will be two info nights during the Fall, in which you can attend to find out more information about each sorority before you go through the recruitment process!

On Day 1, you will visit all 6 chapters, and narrow your choices down to 4 sororities. On Day 2, you will visit up to 4 sororities, and narrow these down to two. Finally, on Day 3, you will visit up to 2 sororities, and rank the two, your #1 being your top choice house! Finally, on bid day, you’ll visit the FSIC to receive your bid card and accept/decline your bid! :) 

We will actually have a comprehensive guide to recruitment up onto our tumblr within the next couple of weeks - keep your eye out if you’d like a more in-depth look! :)

We all know that entering college can be a little stressful, so here we&#8217;ve compiled a list of items to help you prepare for moving in to the dorms! Whether you&#8217;re a first year or transfer student, the dorms are an exciting experience you won&#8217;t want to miss. This is the first post of our New Student Prep series where we offer up tips and tricks on how to conquer your first quarter/year in college!
Also, stay tuned for our massive Recruitment prep post coming up, with everything from a breakdown of the process to outfit ideas for each day!
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To download this checklist for printing go to: http://fileupload.link/a92ae52e78e6a124

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Sarah and Amanda at our 70&#8217;s themed roller blading social with Sig Ep!