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hi! i was wondering if we will be getting t-shirts the second day or any day of recruitment? :) besides bid day

No, you will not be receiving t-shirts besides the one you get on bid day during recruitment! However, we’re sure you’ll be getting tons of super cute gear during the course of your sorority years! <3 ;) 

We can’t wait to see you during recruitment! 

is it too late to sign up for recruitment? its monday and everyone said to sign up by sunday night

You can still sign up! The link will be up until the first day of recruitment :) Sign up at UCRPanhellenic.com!

Not just four years, but for life &lt;3
Anchored for life &lt;3
Is it any easier/harder to rush as a sophomore as opposed to rushing as a freshman?

The year you are makes no difference :) Many people join as second, third, or even fourth years!

Michelle enjoying her time studying abroad in Italy &lt;3
DG&#8217;s sailing the ocean blue
True sisters match without planning ;)
Grooooooovy DG&#8217;s :)