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Hello:) I will be a transfer student this fall at UCR. I missed the table booths during orientation so I was wondering will there be another chance to find out more information about your organization?

There will be plenty of opportunities during the school year before recruitment weekend! (We’ll keep you updated on our Instagram: @deltagamma_ucr & our Facebook page: Delta Gamma @ UCR, so make sure to follow!) 

There will also be two info nights during the week before recruitment weekend. No worries! :) 

Thank you so much for your question! If you want to talk to us personally for more in depth answers, make sure to message our VP Membership Courtney Boutwell on Facebook! We can’t wait to tell you more about our sorority <3 

When is rush week for you guys?

Our recruitment weekend is the same as all other 5 sororities at UCR! It will be October 10-13th. :) 

Thank you so much for the question, and we hope to see you there! <3 

How likely/difficult is it to be an incoming freshman and handling work, class/homework/studying, and sorority life in your first year and being able to manage all of it? Especially in the first quarter?

We love this question, thank you so much for asking us! <3

(Please keep in mind that we can only answer based on our experience in Delta Gamma, we cannot speak for other sororities!)

We’ve compiled a few of our first years’ experiences on balancing work, schoolwork, and sorority life, in hopes that they can help you. :)

Amaris: “I’m a bio major and I honestly think it’s not too hard to balance all the work and sorority, even as a CNAS/BCOE major! You just have to be able to prioritize and manage your time wisely. As a CNAS major myself, It’s just difficult trying to be involved in absolutely EVERY event as well as study, so there are times in which I have to sacrifice certain things to do other things, but it’s definitely manageable! Also, there are a ton of sisters in sorority that are CNAS majors that can help me with whatever subject I may struggle in, and they’re always down to study with me!”

Sophia: “I’m a Neuroscience major,  and I commute and work! It is sometimes a struggle, but it is important to plan out like a month ahead and which is suuuuper easy to do with DG because events don’t pop up out of nowhere (especially if they are mandatory)! It’s all about the motivation. If you want it all, you can have it all. ;)”

Stelle: “Joining a sorority as a first year was one of the best decisions I’ve made! It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but you learn how to manage your time. And when you have pledge sisters who joined as first years too, it really helps! You can study with them at the dorms or in the library, and it’s fun because you’re with your sisters while you’re taking care of business!” 

What makes Delta Gamma great, is that our ‘anchored’ events are announced at the beginning of each quarter! You’ll have plenty of time to plan ahead. And all of our fun events - socials, sisterhoods, etc. - they’re all optional. You can go to them as your schedule allows! And joining means gaining 90+ sisters who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to help you with your studies and anything else that may be troubling you. <3 

Please feel free to ask us anything else you’re concerned about!

I have a discussion on Friday on the first day of recruitment from 4:10-5:00! What should I do??

You can definitely still go through recruitment, so don’t worry! :)

Just make sure to note that when you sign up for recruitment, and talk to the Panhellenic team at the Info nights on October 7th or 8th! 

We can’t wait to see you! <3

Whats happens if you don't wear the recommended attire?

The recommended attire on each of the days reflects what all the chapters will be wearing, as well as the mood of the day! While recruitment is a fun experience, you also have to remember that it is a mutual selection process, and much like an interview, your attire can greatly affect the perception of you!

So, make sure the way you’re dressing is how you wish to be perceived. Express yourself!

Thank you so much for the question! <3 We can’t wait to see you during recruitment!

How long will the Bid Day celebration last? I have a discussion from 4:10-5:00pm that Monday! Could I come late? Would I miss a bunch of the celebration?

Thank you for the question!

Of course you can come late! You may miss a bit of it, but after the joint celebration in the HUB, you will spend the rest of the evening with your new sisters. :) You will have plenty of time to celebrate!

What is the dress code for each day of recruitment? Thanks girls!

There isn’t necessarily a ‘dress code’, rather reccomended attire! (P.S. We’re going to put out an outfit example post very soon, so stay tuned!)

Day 1 is snappy casual, so a suggestion could be a summery dress and some cute sandals! Try to avoid heels because you will be standing for a very long time this day. :)

Day 2 is casual, so you could even wear just jeans and a cute top!

Day 3 is cocktail attire, so a more formal dress and heels. Don’t worry though! You don’t have to bust out your prom dress. ;)

Thank you so much for the question, please feel free to ask us if any others pop up! <3